Hey! I’m Rosie.

During my last five years in the yoga & wellness industry I have been lucky enough to teach and practice yoga in some inspiring, challenging and beautiful places around the world.

I co-founded a retreat company overseas with my best friend, called Whole & Happy Retreat, a transformational retreat experience in partnership with eco-resorts in Thailand & Portugal. Our mission: to help you “discover your happy place”.

I now live in the Garden City of Christchurch, NZ, with my man and our fluffy white cat.

I teach because I believe yoga makes us better, kinder, more conscious people. Yoga helps us to arrive in the present moment, so that we can actually get quiet enough to hear what our soul is speaking. It’s hard to find pure silence and stillness these days, but it’s there waiting for us if we are willing to look inward.

It is a lifelong practice of homecoming, and one that flows with us as we move through the seasons of our lives. A return to centre, no matter the external. And the wonderful thing? It’s for all of us.

The feeling I try to cultivate in my classes is one of belonging. No matter who you are out in the world, when you come to the mat, you belong, and you’re right on time, and your practice is perfect however it is today.

All you have to do is show up.

Rosie x


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