Winter Woollies and Mulled Wine


So I had a very exciting weekend in Edinburgh, visiting that Farrell girl who has taken the courageous leap and moved to Scotland by herself. And I can see why; it’s so lovely up there and far more spacious than London.

We arrived late Friday night, and rose early on Saturday for a fun-filled day of activities! Christmas markets, sausages, several glasses of mulled wine, a wee hill climb and the token visit to Primark.

Then we went home and napped for a while. Too much excitement! Saturday night we had several beverages then went to the Hot Dub Time Machine, which is a DJ night where he plays a song from every year since the 1950s. I was quite upset because they played Britney Spears while I was in the bathroom. Me and Britney go way back.


Needless to say Sunday wasn’t all that productive, but it was just nice to chill and drink lots of tea. Weekends always go too quickly, but at least I have things to look forward to…

In a week and a half my mummy will be here, all the way from NZ, and my cousin will be here from Australia, just in time for Christmas!

In February, after lots of family time, I am heading down to the south coast of England to do another HelpX at this lovely place, helping them with running their B&B, yoga retreats and walking retreats. The plan is to spend a month there, after which I currently have no plan….

Asti and I have made a plan to go to Spain at the end of August, go to La Tomatina, then cycle the Camino de Santiago (a pilgrim’s way ) over a few weeks, then finish up in Morocco, learning to surf and doing yoga on the beach….

Sounds pretty good ja?

I just need to figure out the in between bits. There may be a return trip to Ireland over summer to help with their German Language Camp as a camp counsellor. This is where I did a HelpX this summer, a beautiful place that places a lot of value on Guinness, the beach and traditional Irish music. I think I’m going to have to give Achill a post of it’s own!

If anyone has any exciting ideas or suggestions for places I should visit this year, leave a comment below!

Tonight we are decorating the Christmas tree and drinking mulled wine in our Christmas jumpers. This is going to be a very different Christmas to what I’m used to in New Zealand!

Happy weekend, y’all.

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