A meaty blog post.

This post has nothing to do with meat it’s just all I can think about, purely because I can’t have any for the next month. Fun!

Today I arrived in a tiny little town called Combe Martin, which is somewhere on the Devon coast in the south of England. To be honest I’m not really sure where I am, there are hills everywhere and it’s pretty wet bro.

I’m HelpXing for the next month at a B&B that does cleanse weeks and yoga retreats, and is VURRY HEALTHY. I’m talking no meat. No alcohol. No processed sugars. I was prepared for all of these things (meaning I ate a large amount of roast chicken and drank several wines last night in preparation) but I still sense withdrawal coming my way.

I am sleeping In a dormitory of sorts, very nice beds and a home-knitted blankey which makes me feel instantly cosy (love me some woolly goods).

There is a picture of a man on the wall, I am unsure who he is but he has powerful eyes, I feel he may be a guru of sorts… He’s going to be watching me sleep so I imagine we will become close friends.

Mostly I will be cooking and cleaning things, a sort of karma yoga in itself. LISTEN TO ME, I’M ALREADY WISE!

Whilst being shown around, we entered a room called the cleanse room. I thought maybe it was where boots were washed, but apparently other things happen in there. Dark things. Like enemas. If you don’t know what that is (I didn’t) have a google. I’m not going to go into details but apparently it’s putting coffee up your bum.


Enough said. If I do that I probably won’t tell you guys cos it’s gross. But who knows.. I could be a lentil-loving enema nomad by the time I’m done here.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, how many green things I’ve eaten and such. It’s very quiet here so I have a lot of time with my own brain. I hope we don’t get in too many arguments….

Here’s my bed, imma get in it.


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