I’m out of my comfort zone, they say this is where the magic happens

Today I awoke bright and early and flounced up to the Sanctuary, which is the yoga room above my bedroom, to partake in some early morning meditation. Was feeling so energised and productive, thinking YES ROSIE, GETTING SHIT DONE. But there was no-one there…

Apparently, Tuesdays and Thursdays they go up the mountain to send out love. I don’t even know what that means, and am probably not going to ask in case I get roped into joining.

Went for a gander outside, it’s one of those strange little villages where you will be walking along then all of a sudden the footpath disappears under you, so you have to cross the road and walk on the other side. I wove my way down to the sea like a drunkard, passing a lot of old men with plaid caps, walking their enormous dogs with staunch names like George and Alfred. Got to the end of the road, took a photo, saw a man taking pictures of things inside of a van with tinted windows and decided to go back to familiar territory.

I returned to the (gigantic) kitchen and familiarised myself with all of the weird and whacky ingredients. Every kind of health food imaginable, smashing.

I breakfasted on quinoa porridge with walnuts and organic elderflower honey. Accompanied by lemon juice in hot water. My tummy is feeling stunned and amazed.

Then I did the laundry, then I was shown how to scan things to the computer (‘you press this little blue button in the corner of the screen and it lights up, a true marvel!’), then I began to make luncheon for the household.

Now, millet. Never had cooked it before, wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, so I called upon old pal Google and he told me to make it into a pilaf because that is yummy. Millet, pilaf, come at me.

I made mushroom and leek pilaf, roasted butternut squash with cumin, and a green salad! And that was just luncheon. Am a little bit proud of myself.

Still could have put chicken on top.

This afternoon I will be doing some cleaning, deftly swerving around the enema table to get to the toilet, then crouching underneath the enema table to get a bucket to mop the floor. I don’t seem to be able to avoid the thing.

This evening I shall partake in a 2 hour yoga class, then we shall feast once more. But not until 9 o’clock, and I am already hungry! Oh no! It’s only 3!

Might go snack on a seed.

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