Combe Martians and Vegetable Pulp

There’s only one real way to say it, I’m pooped!

The EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL INTENSITY of every day leaves me worn out at 4pm, ready for a nanna nap.

There are three of us HelpXing here at the moment, and I honestly think if they weren’t here I might have left by now… The lady running the business is lovely and I can tell she has a good heart, but she also believes (no shit) that Jesus came down in a spaceship, and that there are people living on mars, building UFOs and trying to communicate with earth.


Other than that it’s mostly fine, she has very particular ways that she likes things done, such as the blanket on the sofa must be aligned correctly, and one must not leave cups beside the sink in case they get knocked off.

Luckily, I’m not the only one that thinks it’s all a bit strange, so we are trying very hard to focus on the health benefits of being here, and let it all blow over our heads. She is a kind hearted person with good intentions so, as I am learning, each to their own!

Onto a more positive note…

This morning my roommate Kayla and I awoke early for activities! We went for a mildly strenuous jog down to the sea, came back and did our yoga, a meditation and THEN made a green juice for breakfast. I was so hungry by then I probably would have eaten cardboard.

Our green juice consisted of ginger, spinach, cucumber, water, apples, lemon… Maybe something else as well but after a while you can’t really tell. It was slightly more of a success than the previous days experiment, where we didn’t quite know how to use the vitamix and it came out like a cold, clumpy, vegetable breakfast soup in a glass. We ate it anyway, with spoons. MMMM.

Today’s work consisted of taking our gluten free, sugar free homemade banana bread down to the Combe Martin village coffee morning, where we all sat around and chatted about things. One of the ladies reads tarot cards, another works with therapy horses and can speak to them…. It is emerging that Combe Martin is quite the alternative town! They call themselves the “Combe Martians”. Giggle. Next week I’m going to meet the horses, excite!

Then I made soup for lunch, then I made vegetable curry for dinner, then I made a coleslaw for tomorrow with a huge cabbage that looked and felt like a brain, I did the dusting, the washing, the vacuuming……

Tomorrow and Saturday are my days off, I plan to do some sleeping in attempt to rid myself of the detox headache which has been a-lurking. Might even go outside if it would stop raining, what a novel idea!

Craving a gingernut biscuit. Maybe not a conventional craving, but let’s face it, nothing’s conventional around here….

Namaste bitches

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