A dinner party!

Last night we had a ‘bring and share’ dinner at the house, followed by movie night! Yippee!

I don’t think I have ever come across so many eccentric people in one room. Alongside myself, Kayla, Darryl (big interest in permaculture), and Katherine the healing yogi, came a Vegan couple Claire and Andrew, who brought a pot of dal and many interesting conversation topics such as common law… I had to go and google exactly what that meant because I didn’t have ANYTHING to contribute.

Then came Christopher (I think) who had eyes the size of spaceships (lol) and towered over us all. He did not speak much, just the occasional murmur. Mostly he just wandered with his eyes, I tried to avoid them because the pupils were significantly larger than your average pupil.

Then I opened the door to Deyn, who I met earlier in the week, when we went to visit his patch of land where he is building a straw bale house. He also grows cannabis plants in the garden next to his half-built straw bale house, and informed us that his son had partaken in some earlier in the day. I looked over and his son is wielding a chainsaw in the corner of the hay bale house. I stepped away.

I asked Deyn if he has eaten or if he would like some vegetables, he confided that he had just juiced some cannabis so he was really quite satisfied. I said, don’t you feel crazy now? He laughed and said I FEEL CRAZY ALWAYS. Then he said, no, it only gets you high if you heat it up. Gosh, I’m such a cannabis amateur.

Then arrived a lovely couple who were mostly normal and I got all excited. Eileen was a lovely, motherly figure who asked me normal questions such as where am I from, how long have I been here, am I enjoying it? I love Eileen.

We feasted upon brown rice salad, chickpea curry, lentil dal, cabbage salad, homemade chappatis and home brew nettle and ginger beer! I had a sip, but obviously didn’t want to ruin my no alcohol streak. Also, if I’m going to drink alcohol, it’s not going to be made from NETTLES.

Then we watched a film about Juliet of the Herbs, a kindred spirit who lives in the Mediterranean and keeps gardens for medicinal purposes, and heals animals with her treatments. She has written books about natural healing and all that jazz, I found it fascinating! I especially liked it when she talked to the olive tree, telling it she LOVED IT and would never take away all of it’s olives, promise.

So I feel pretty out of my comfort zone with 90 percent of the conversations that are held here, but I am learning a lot of things! Like what is common law, how do you heal gangrene with leaves, and not to throw away the leaves of the leek because that’s where all the nutrients are! I found the last one out the hard way, when Katherine dug the leaves out of the compost and made me put them in the soup. *shudder*.

Today I have escaped the house and am sitting in a cafe surrounded by normal people. It’s weird though, I had the option of coffee and a pie, but I went for a vegetarian jacket potato and PEPPERMINT TEA!

Who am I??

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