Devon is beautiful, but I’m sorry, the weather is just beyond shit. I went for a hike on Friday, the only sunny day so far, and I was sure to head out prepared with 6 layers of clothing and wind goggles. Here are some photos:

Climbing Little Hangman…then Big Hangman
Piles of rocks on every peak… What does it all mean??
Black sheep… Like the movie
Pretty snazzy view


So I enjoyed my lonely romantic walk in the Devon hills, then I went home and got in my bed and stayed there for like 8 hours,  binge drinking ‘Cleanse’ tea and debating whether I should wash my hair, or if there’s really no point because no one here will notice and maybe it’s good to let my hair go feral for a few weeks?? these are the thoughts occupying my brain.

in other news… today I made nut roast! I know what you’re thinking, like, ew, mushed up nuts for Sunday lunch? It was GOOD, if I do say so myself.

I used the vitamix and crunched up two cups of almonds and two cups of raw cashews, added almost a cup of water, some tamari soy sauce and some thyme, bunged it in a loaf dish and shimmied it into the oven! it was essentially Stuffing in loaf form, and who doesn’t like stuffing…

Then I did some yoga.

If anyone has any awesome amazeballs vegetarian recipes they think I should try, let me know. I have both the time and the resources, and several people to experiment upon!

I feel like this was a boring blog post. But I don’t have anything better to do tonight other than watch a documentary about how we don’t need as much protein as we are led to believe. And I think I’d rather stay in denial about that one.

Ain’t nobody taking my meat away!



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