It tastes so bad, it must be good for you?

Hey guys! I have a really yummy recipe for you! Lol jks it’s disgusting. But I’m gonna give it to you anyway, just so you know what I’m going through.

It’s called… Drum roll… LIVER FLUSH!

Now I’m going to get all technical on you…

Best to drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, Liver Flush is a powerful little shot that supports the liver in excreting toxins and build-ups of other substances, such as recycled oestrogen, which could be the cause of your PMS ladies! I know. Why don’t they tell us these things. When your body has too many loads on it, the chemicals produced by the body itself (such as oestrogen or cholesterol) are put to the bottom of the priority list and recycled back into the blood for next time, hence, excess oestrogen and hormonal imbalance.

Liver health is essential for enabling your body to process and rid itself of such toxins that can build up over time from the food we eat, drinking alcohol and caffeine, the products we are putting on our skin and any medications we take.

If it is your first time doing a liver flush, I would recommend only having a small amount, perhaps diluted in water, because it’s stroooong stuff. As you become more familiar you can increase the amount.

Try to use organic or local produce where possible. If you have a Vitamix, it is wonderful for making a liver flush, otherwise a normal blender (it may not be quite as smooth a consistency). You can use the whole fruit of the lemon and grapefruit, you don’t need to take the rind off.

For One Person (Will last you a few days, particularly if you are only having a small amount):

1 lemon
½ Grapefruit (or another lemon)
1 inch cube ginger
50ml EV Olive Oil
1 clove garlic
½ chilli (birds eye/ scotch bonnet)
50-60 ml water

Throw it all in the Vitamix, blend for approx 1 minute, increasing the speed and using the variable until it has a smooth consistency.

Pour into small glasses. Bottoms up!

Storage: Put in a well sealed, air proof container and ensure there isn’t too much space left in the container, so as to reduce oxidisation.

I would recommend waiting an hour before eating anything else, otherwise there will be a lot going on for your digestive system. And maybe clean your teeth! No boys or girls will be wanting to kiss you after this. Trust me.

If you don’t have a Vitamix or blender (ie. If you are travelling), you can just chop all the ingredients up as small as possible and drink it that way. You will probably not need so much water, if any.

P.s. It’s 95 percent revolting. Go on, I dare you.

This morning for breakfast I had this and a green juice. At least I will never get PMS again, she says optimistically.


One thought on “It tastes so bad, it must be good for you?

  1. Love the blog, might give the Liver Flush a miss on this occasion – sounds like you are having fun and learning lots Rosie – bet you stink too! xx

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