Women who stare at horses

Yesterday I arose early for a family trip to the equine therapist, AJ! AJ is able to speak to the horses. She is a horse whisperer.

I know, when I first met her and found this out I was all like BULLSHIT.

But then I had an experience.

AJ’s horses are specially trained therapy horses, and the one we were working with had a stroke two years ago and was nearly put to sleep, until AJ took him under her wing.

We did an exercise where I walked along leading the horse, but with very little contact on the rope. I was told to choose two places along the walk to stop and allow the horse to stop beside me. But it felt like the horse was leading me, and when I stopped walking he would come around and stand in front of me with his body blocking me.

He was, apparently, trying to tell me that I have a fear of failure, that I would rather not try than risk failing, that I need to have more confidence in myself and that there is something blocking me from reaching my full potential….


So naturally I started crying a little bit, I had no control over it, it was really awkward….. For me anyway, apparently at happens all the time at equine therapy…

I don’t cry very often so I was all like “SUCK IT UP YOU WEAKLING”. That horse pressed my buttons.

And then, I took him back to his stable, and took off his head collar, and then AJ said to me, you were feeling homesick weren’t you? Feeling unsettled? On Saturday?

Saturday was the day that I had the house to myself for about 8 hours, it was my day off and the others had gone out for the day. It was the first day since I left NZ last year that I had felt homesick.


On a lighter note, that morning AJ had picked us up and the lady who is hosting us was to follow in her car. So we left, thinking she knew where she was going. We got there and ten minutes later had a call from her, mildly hysterical, saying she didn’t know where we were going and how could we leave her behind? Then she arrived and was really mad, everyone thought she was joking but I could tell she was quite serious, because I deal with it on the REG.

So she promptly informed us she was going behind the shed to scream and unleash her anger.

She scared the horses and the children, and me a little bit. It was like “Aaaaaahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” for a solid 5 minutes. So uncomfortable.

I felt thoroughly exhausted for the rest of the day, and had irrational hunger, the kind that is not stymied by nuts or bean dip. I’m convinced that it must be a good sign, that I am entering the hungry stage of detoxification, and that therefore I should eat all things I can get my hands on. Right?

Just another day in the life of Rosie, feel free to come and join me anytime. It’s super fun.

3 thoughts on “Women who stare at horses

  1. Oh Rosie! It sounds freakin awful! But on a positive note, it is a really interesting blog!! But I want to give you a hug- chin up kiddo 🙂 xx

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