Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It has been a very long day. Which doesn’t really make sense because I skipped an hour, so technically today has been shorter than average..

After a super fun 5.30am start, (thanks Aunty Sue who drove me to the station kiss kiss), and riding pretty much every kind of transport you could imagine, (aside from a bike, which is the only one I really want to ride), I am nestled safely into my hostel in Barcelona.

Days of travelling are exhausting, which I don’t really understand, because you are mostly sitting on your tush all day, looking at the same map/boarding pass/ tube guide over and over, and worrying about getting there on time. Seriously, today I was in a car, a train, an escalator, an elevator, a travelator, a shuttle bus, an airplane, a train, (again), a metro…. And I think that’s it. Why can’t they make a transportation device that does it all?

After transportation device number three I decided to stop worrying about getting anywhere on time because it obviously wasn’t going to happen. Which makes the whole experience far less stressful.

People are so weird though, I love it.

Whilst waiting for my flight, a small boy behind me in the queue proclaimed to his father in a sing song voice ‘I just ate a naaaail.’ So cute. I saw another nubbin of a child in his mothers arms, dressed head to toe in a furry grey onesie with ears, and a matching furry binky. Too much.

I also found a Blackberry phone on a table next to a check-in desk and handed it in to a member of staff. Later i saw the lady who it belonged to almost in tears from relief when she got given it when boarding. She was so happy she hugged the flight attendant. This was my good deed for the day, I’m hoping that karma comes back to me somewhere along the way. Though I’m sure you’re not meant to say that.

The flight attendant then announced to everyone awaiting boarding that, actually, the plane hadn’t arrived yet, and we all just needed to relax a bit and maybe have a siesta, like the spaniards.

When I finally arrived in Barcelona I was met with a wave of gentle heat and a sign out front of my hostel saying, “welcome, Rosie Moreton!” …Good thing I’m not undercover.

I took a trip to the beach, which was beautiful but also very very windy, so i stuck it out for half an hour then retreated. I’ll start afresh tomorrow…

I am in a room full of Germans, with one American girl; I think we were both relieved to come across another English speaker. Whilst cooking dinner tonight I made friends with two boys who are chefs at the hostel. They were wearing matching outfits and cooking schnitzel, which confused me a little because I thought maybe I was actually in Germany.

Filippe wants to be my boyfriend, he tells me he is from Uruguay and therefore he is a wonderful gentleman. He gave me some Spanish potato and pea combination and let me steal the staff cooking oil. Gracias Filippe.

So tomorrow I am going to go on a walking tour to get my bearings. There’s so much to see and do in Barcelona, but I just get so flustered having to look at a map all the time, so I’m going to let someone else do the hard yards.

In Spanish hostels they only give you a sheet to sleep with, which I enjoy, because when I get up in the night to go to the bathroom I just wrap myself in it and scare unsuspecting bathroom-goers… It’s the little things in life.

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